Sharing The Joy Of Dancing


A "Singularity" is a new existence. It is something that has never existed before. It is an evolution of two entities into one. The "Singularity" is the single embodiment of two dancers. The creation of a "Singularity" removes the restrictions and limitations that normally occur in "Partnership" dancing.

The individual Jazz dancer has no physical boundaries or limitations. He/she can move in any direction, with any timing or with any amount of speed or power without any thought, planning or consideration. The dance "Partnership" creates natural restrictive boundaries. The concept of "Lead and Follow" introduces all kinds of movement considerations that don't exist with the individual Jazz dancer.

The "Partnership" dance entity has four arms, four legs, two bodies and a scary two heads. Somehow all of these must be taken into accounted to achieve a coordinated and fluid dance movement. At the "Partnership" level, the "Leader" must communicate all of these things. The "Follower" must decipher these communications and put them into some kind of physical action. The "Leader" must be aware of what is to be danced and how to communicate all of this to the "Follower". This creates a time lag in the "Lead" and "Follow" within the "Partnership" that affects the fluidity and continuity of the dance movement.

The goal is to combine all of the "Partnerships" parts into a single entity called a "Singularity". We want to logically meld these parts into a single unrestrictive entity. Dancers have to dance as if there are no physical or logical boundaries. This seems pretty complex but it really isn't rocket science or Frankenstein science.

Do you remember a song called "Let's Get Physical"? This was the message I was trying to get across when I wrote an article called "No Dead Bodies". Most dancers dance with just their "Frame" and their "Feet". To achieve higher levels of Ballroom Dancing, the dancer's whole body must be alive and active. The more alive and active the bodies are, the easier it is to create a "Singularity". The "Partnership" will meld into a physical, logical and mental unity. The dancer must change his or her identity. There are no longer two parts, there is only one. Don't dance with your partner, be your partner. Now the term "Partner" doesn't have a meaning anymore because there is just a single entity. The language usage can get kind of complex when trying to describe a "Singularity", so if I use the term "Partner" from now on, I really mean it as part of the "Singularity".

Physical contact is a key part of creating a "Singularity". The more physical contact you have, the more aware you are of the whole. Complete physical contact would be the ideal situation. Unfortunately, complete contact is not physically possible in Ballroom Dancing. Most of the time there is only limited physical contact. Smooth and Standard dancing has a more consistent physical contact than Rhythm or Latin dancing.

The more physical contact the dancer has, the easier it is to dance as a "Singularity". The dancer can physically feel and be aware of the whole. If this is so, then how is a "Singularity" achieved with only limited physical contact? What can't be achieved with physical contact can be achieved with logical contact. Logical contact can be just as real as physical contact. I call Logical connections, "invisible connections".

An example of a Logical connection is the Partnership's frame. The two partners are connected through the physical contact of the hands, arms and the shoulder area and at the higher levels through the core area. Even though there is a physical connection through the frame, ideally the movement should be powered from the core of the dancers not through the frame. The power feels like it is coming from the center of the partnership instead of the through the shoulder area of the partnership.

Try this. Stand with both hands flat against a wall in front of you. Now push against the wall using your hands, arms and shoulder area. You can feel the power being applied towards the wall right in front of your shoulders. Now imagine that you are actually going to try to move the wall by pushing against it. You will notice that your power center just moved down into your center (core) because you need more power to actually move the wall. The connection now feels like it coming from the small of your back and right through your belly button (center/core) to the wall.

Through physical and logical connections the dancers can be aware of every part of the "Singularity". Both "Partners" must be participating for this to work. Each dancer must change his/her identity from two to one. The "Singularity" dancer is aware of the complete dance entity. This is what allows movement as a complete "Singularity".

When I first started dancing my instructors kept saying "Smile, while you dance, smile". I had too much to do to even consider smiling. The "Partnership" has a lot of things going on. As I evolved into a "Singularity", it seemed as though there was less to do and more time to feel. I discovered that there is more smile on the inside than on the outside. The smile and the "Singularity" are feelings, not physical actions. The "Singularity" has a great big smile all of its own. Now, the bigger the smile the better I dance.