Sharing The Joy Of Dancing


Generally speaking, a Ballroom Dancer's skill evolves their through a very predictable sequence. It starts as two individuals standing in front of each other. Then they start walking through dance patterns with each other (each performing their own part). An awareness of the concept of "Lead and Follow" is next. This is the beginning of the synchronization between the two dancers. The dancers continue to evolve through the "Lead and Follow" stage creating a somewhat unified and fluid movement. Unfortunately, this is where most dancers stop. There is still another stage of evolution called "Singularity". This is where the "Partnership" disappears and a single entity is born (The Two-Headed Four-Legged Animal).

How do the two partners combine together to become a "Singularity"? There is more than a physical relationship change required to become a true "Singularity". The two dancers must change their identity to become a "Singularity". For example: if the "Partnership" is Roger and Linda, the "Singularity" could be Ronda. The two partners are combined to create a new unique identity. With Ronda, there are no boundaries physically, logically or intellectually as there used to be with Roger and Linda as a "Partnership".

The "Singularity" can't be created unless both partners are involved in the evolution process. It is a new entity formed from two unique individuals. It is a brand new entity that is the same but different than the two individuals. The "Singularity" is greater than the sum of the parts. It is difficult to allow yourself to evolve outside of yourself. The "Singularity" is an emersion of two to create a third. You don't have to consider your partner when you dance; your partner doesn't exist. There is only a single entity. Dance yourself as the new entity.

The hard part is envisioning and becoming a new entity. You don't feel like your old self (Roger or Linda). You have a more complete awareness of the total entity (both sides of the partnership). Your physicality now includes you and what used to be your partner. We are not adding to ourselves, we are creating a whole new self (Ronda).

When dancing in a partnership, the "Leader" has to be aware of and accommodate the partner. The "Follower" senses the "Leader's" actions and responds accordingly. There is an action, then a reaction. There is a time delay between the action and the reaction. Sometimes it is a miniscule amount of time and sometimes it is a considerable amount of time. The action/reaction is instantaneous when dancing as a "Singularity". As an individual, when you raise your arm, it happens instantly. There is no time delay because the action is from a single entity. This is the concept of the "Singularity".

The "Singularity" is a physical, logical and intellectual state. There can't be any boundaries in a "Singularity". The physical state is the actual bodily contact. Hold both hands in front of you and touch just the fingertips of both hands together. You won't feel any boundaries between the fingertips because both hands are exerting exactly the same pressure. This is because the pressure is coming from a single entity. Now place the fingertips of one hand against a wall. You will now feel a boundary because we are dealing with two different entities.

The logical state is a physical connection without any physical contact. I call these connections "invisible connections". Place both hands against a wall about shoulder height. Push against the wall through your shoulders and arms. Now do the same except push against the wall from your belly button. You will establish a logical connection with the wall about belly button level. Through the dance frame, a logical connection can be established with any part of what used to be our dance partner (which is now part of the "Singularity").

The intellectual state is a little more far out. Simply allow your intellect to include the whole "Singularity". Your intellect now has to include yourself as well the other entity that used to be your partner. The difficulty is being able to become this new entity that we called Ronda. This is not anywhere close to a lead and follow environment. Both sides are participating equally in exactly the same manner to become the "Singularity".Ronda as the "Singularity". Again, the key is to treat Ronda as a brand new entity that only slightly resembles Roger or Linda. You have to reinvent yourself as a Ballroom Dancer to become a true "Singularity".